Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Walter Cooper Reports, Vol. 1., No. 6, Tuesday, December 5, 1944

We asked Walter Cooper if he had any messages he wanted to send to you guys and gals through this paper and it is as follows:

Hello Fellows: After being in heaven for the total of 14 days, during which time I had time to review the situation thoroughly, I regret to say the findings brutal. For example, Neighbor never buys a beer . . . Benton still is lucky in gambling, but not in love.

A pinochle game between Norb, Dog and myself found Benton quite a few $$$ plus after it was over. Every race horse bet finds Benton with that gleam in his eyes, as it only means another bean in his pocket. Things are really slow, so let's get the thing over. All you guys in the Army and Marines take note of how the Navy took care of the Nips* in their battle. If all the other branches did as well, the time for a grand meeting in the Blue Room is getting mighty near.

Smith is still the same kibitzer as always in any game.

I guess this is about all, as I am about to take off with two weeks of vacation with pay. So see you guys soon, I hope. Droopy

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