Friday, October 5, 2012

Mail Bag, Vol.1, No. 2, March 4, 1944

Boy, oh, boy! We had mail from just about everybody. The response that we received was indeed gratifying. Among the contents were some requests. Water Tender 1-C Dice Boland, asked about Dick Segal. We told Dick and gave him Dice's address, so Dice should have some word from him by this time. Seaman 2-C Ray "Inky" Kroner asked for some addresses. OK, Ink. In the next issue, we will have them. We hope the rest were mostly thanks for the paper.

Remember gang, if you want some personal information or the fatherly advice of the three wise men of the Blue Room, just write Kroner, Dog, or Lou. We are always willing and ready to answer your wants if they are not too damn personal.  Just remember, we're NEWS hawks, not nosey hawks.

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