Sunday, October 21, 2012

Return Mail Light, But Good, Vol. 1, No. 2, March 4, 1944

Lou Guntzelman (left) editor of Blue Room Belch
In front of Fisher's Grocery
Photo Credit: Ray Pharo via Bryan Phillips 
Howdy, Gang. Well, here we go again. Judging from the return mail, what little there was, we can't say whether the first edition of the Blue Room Belch was a success or not. Some of you birds wrote back and said give the job of editor to Cocky Sellers. Others said to forget the first issue and start over. Some wanted to know what issue would have the news first, about 50% said 92 different things were wrong. One fellow went so far as to say we didn't give the weather forecast for the day.

All joking aside, thanks a million gang for your reply to our efforts. Kroner, Benton and myself feel well repaid for all the nice things you said, and hope, in our own feeble way to express our thanks for the manner in which you received our efforts. We hope this issue and the following will give a little more and better news of local concern that may appeal to you all.

We are thinking of getting a mail box and put all the mail that comes addressed to the Belch in the box. Then when this is all over, why some slow evening we will drag it all out and go over all the old letters.

A lot of fellows want addresses printed in the paper, but it would take a lot of space, but we will do our best in the next issue.

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