Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mail Bag, Vol. 1, No. 4, Wednesday, June 21, 1944

Thanks for writing fellows.We had a couple of good suggestions in the mail bag this time, one of them is as follows: Tom Usher and Walter Cooper wrote in and said they would like to hear what some of the gang is doing and where they are located.

Well, there is a limit to things like this for the censors won't let us tell everything we would like to, but we will take a shot at some of them and let you know of their whereabouts.

Mary Pharo Meldon and Les Meldon

The last thing we heard from Lt. Wolff, he was somewhere in China . . . Lt. Frank Dorr of the Navy is still on the east coast, though he had made several moves . . . Joe Pharo is still somewhere in the Pacific and hopes to get home soon due to two years of overseas service. He missed the first shipment home by a small margin . . . Ray Pharo is in England with a medical unit. Incidentally, it is T-4 Ray Pharo now . . . The last we heard from Dave Gruber was some time ago, and his mail came from an FPO out of Seattle . . .  Les Meldon is with an Aircraft Assembly Unit out in the Pacific. We hear from him now and then but his wife (Mary Pharo) hears every day and keeps us posted.

Chas. Herking is still out among the Oriental dancers of the South Seas . . . Jule Prinzbach is also out in the Pacific and judging from his letters and pictures he sends home of all the WHITE USO gals, the old Doc isn't doing bad for himself. . . Buck Marpert and Don Reinhardt still write us from Florida . . . Cliff Marpert, Frank Kruse, Ray (Ink) Kroner are all in the Pacific with the Navy . . . Al Kroner is in San Diego, California, going to school . . . Harry Geiger and Tom Higgins are now in Texas. Watch out, Texas, if those two get together.

Listen, gang, our mailing list contains about 64 names, so we can't go on and mention all of the outfit or we will run out of space. Let's use this as a starter and if you have anyone else in mind that you would like to hear about just drop us a line. Thanks.

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