Monday, October 22, 2012

Mail Bag, Vol. 1, No. 3, Sunday, April 23, 1944

Dog and Kroner want me to start this item by thanking all who wrote in to try and get one thing cleared up, if possible.

In the first issue of this paper, we tried to make it clear that we would do all in our power to send to everyone that we had addresses of, a copy, so that all of you could have what little we had to offer.

Word has got to us that some of our good friends seem hurt that we don't keep up our personal contact with them by writing them a letter now and then. If we have hurt anyone through the medium of this paper, believe us, we are sorry.

The last issue of this paper was sent to almost 60 service people and if you ever tried to get one of these sheets together, have it printed, address 60 envelopes and get them under way, you can gather what we are trying to do. It doesn't leave as much time on our hands to hold up what some of you think should be easy.

We are not asking for sympathy, for it is a pleasure for us to do something that you might get a kick out of. We want all of you to know that we thought this might fill in when mail from home might be a little slow reaching you. So, don't get sore, give us a break.

Ray Pharo, Wayne Hogan, Harry Gieger, Red Willindorf, Les Meldon

Judging from what we hear form Lt. Wolff, he is not on a basket picnic . . . Les Meldon writes in and says he has been seeing Joe Pharo, they are about 10 miles apart on the same island. Tom Higgins wrote in a dandy from the West Coast, his brother Joe wrote in and gave a damn good description of what he does with his 24 hours everyday. He doesn't have much idle time . . . Wimpy Fischer writes in from his Naval Training base that the work has been quite strenuous, he is now in the hospital and may get back among the Mother's Oats . . . Lt. Frank Dorr sent us a letter from his new address, Frank is still on the East Coast, but has a new assignment. Buck Marpert, Don Reinhardt, Cliff Marpert and a score of others wrote in, but we don't have the space to list them all, but keep them coming gang.

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