Monday, October 1, 2012

Mail Bag, Vol. 1, No. 1, Monday, January 24, 1944

We had Christmas cards and letters from almost all of the gang at home and abroad. The only ones that are a little slow are the boys from Goat Hill, Sgt. Dreary of the Army and Droopy of the Navy.

Mr. Cooper, the "Kingfish" wants to send this first edition of our paper to them and await results. Lieut. Wolff writes in and raises hell about not getting any mail from you birds. Frank "Hoot Mon" Young will answer anyone who writes him.

Listen gang, the purpose of our "Mail Bag" is to act as a sort of exchange for you and your mail. If you want a letter or any information forwarded to any member of the gang, just drop us a line and if we can get your information past the censors, fine.

If we were to list the address of all our gang in service on this sheet, it would take all the space, and hence, no news. We have a lot of addresses on hand and we have a notice in the Blue Room asking for all other outstanding addresses. So you see we are trying to make "Our Mail Bag" as complete as possible.  It all depends on you.

George Powell tells us that his son, Richard, writes pretty regular, but none of his mail hits the Blue Room. "How come, Dick?" Nothing much has been heard from Lieut. Reise lately, only one letter since his last leave in the late summer.  Lieut. Dorr must be busy as hell, we never hear from him. "Loosen up Frank!"

Well, we can't mention all the letters we have and have not received or we will run into overtime. All you birds get on the beam if you want the second edition of our paper to be published.

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