Sunday, October 21, 2012

Along the Avenue - Vol. 1, No. 2, March 4, 1944

Photo Credit: Mark Phara via Mary Pharo Meldon
and Bryan Phillips

Father Dillon says there won't be an Opera House Club (name given to patron's of Pharo's Cafe) when this is over. It will be an American Legion Post or the like.

Old Lenny Wuertz (Pappy Norris' friend) is confined to one of our local hospitals. Lenny had to have a leg amputated. Condition: Not so good.

Just a point of information, Charlie Reisch's barber shop is still vacant in case any of you birds want to open a shop when you return.

Jack Combs is still doing business at the same old stand. Pappy Hogan and Camp Hungry are still very proud of the Service Men's Honor Roll. They erected it on the lot next to Matthew's grocery.Yeah, your name is on it.

Daley's Cafe had a large display of Valentines on Feb.14th, a throw back of an old Blue Room custom. Our two local druggists, Prinzbach and J. Harry, Sr. are still caring for the medical wants of the neighborhood.

Fisher's grocery is still just as handy as ever, but it doesn't help the gang when they want a snack now and then. No ration points, no beans.

Photo Credit:  Joe "Wimpy" Fischer in front of Fisher's Grocery
Made available by Mark Pharo by way of Bryan Phillips
From the Collection of Mary Pharo Meldon

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