Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blue Room Belch Donors, Vol.1, No. 2, March 4, 1944

In our last issue we told you that the expense of mailing this paper to you would be taken care of by the good patrons of the Blue Room.  Mr. Cooper the "Kingfish" gave us our first $ and told us to get going. The envelopes were bought and paid for by "Dog" Benton at $5.25 for 1000.

When we were ready to put them in the mail box, our good friend George Prinzbach came through and paid for the postage on 50 letters. And now to top it all we have a waiting list of donors who are willing and ready to handle our financial wants.Tony Herking also gave a $ for expenses. As other donations are accepted we will also publish the names. So as your benefactors remember you, you also remember them.

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