Monday, October 22, 2012

Easter Parade on Eastern Ave., Vol. 1, No. 3, April 23, 1944

EASTER HAS KUM AND WINT (sic). The beauty of the local belles was greatly enhanced by the galaxy of colors that made Easter more beautiful than those of old.

One's memory can go to a not so distant Easter when one color predominated for the Easter holiday. This years the colors that were the envy of a dozen rainbows gave vent to a pent up war emotion that only the clever display that was exercised did justice. Personally, I believe that the flowers of the forest and the birds of the air were jealous of the clever contrasts that were seen on the Avenue throughout the day. And as far as the old man was concerned, well, he had that necktie that he lacked courage to wear last Christmas. He received the Easter greeting from his many friends over a large beer and a hearty "Hello you big egg." But such has been the custom for many a moon.

Can you remember when a new pair of shoes or a new hat was a hell of a big Easter as far as the male populace was concerned? Now with so many of the gang wearing their GI finery, I imagine we will have to wait until the whole damn thing is over to see a real old-fashioned Blue Room Easter Parade. Ah, how my memory serves me as I recall the two boys from the Knob tripping from the hill decked out like Ned in the third reader, and as the day wore on, you would find the older one getting more and more decorated. When the shades of night had finally settled, he would be lit up like a new church.

Those, my good friends, are the Easters that rate top mention in my hit parade. Bring back the day when not one certain fellow of the gang got corked, but the ones that stayed sober got hell.

Till that day comes, we will have to content ourselves by taking the proverbial bunny for a whirl till the rest of the gang gets home. Then we can really shove him for a loss. So get on the ball, and when the next Easter comes, there will be an Easter Parade of merit at the old Opera House.

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