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Visitors, Vol. 1, No. 6, Tuesday, March 27, 1945

Since the last issue, it has been one round of happy occasions as far as visitors are concerned. We are proud to say we had the pleasure of seeing Joe Wellendorf, Ed (Dice) Boland, Tony (what again) Grassel, Ray (Snake) Collins, Frank Kruse, Joe Fischer, Helen Schaefer, Danny Young and Walter Cooper.

"Tiger" Joe Wellendorf

But the two that stand out the clearest in the mind, is the arrival of S-Sgt. Joe Wellendorf and W. T. 1-C Edward J. Boland, Tiger Joe arrived on a Sunday evening just as it was getting dark, and as he stepped out of his cab and before paying the driver, he let out one of his famous WA-HOO's.

Everything in the neighborhood vibrated, buildings and all. Then he damn near took the door off the hinges getting into the Blue Room and first thing he said was, "Give 'em all a beer."

If Uncle Sam had any intentions of changing the "Floogie Man" he failed miserably. He hasn't changed a bit. Joe Rechtin said he may have lost some weight but otherwise he hasn't lost an ounce. Incidentally, the "Floogie" came home with a black eye. He said he stepped off his train in Texas, fell over his own grips and hit his eye on a mail box. See what I mean?

After missing one or two trains back to camp at the end of his leave, he finally left. Then after a breather of a few days, Dice Boland hit the Blue Room. All I can say now is that the "Red Neck Irishman" took up where the "Floogie Man" left off.

After a few rounds of beer with the gang, he took Miles Egan in tow for a whirl. Then after a day or two of plain and fancy drinking, Miles passed out. The last seen of him was when Dice poured him in the front door of his home.

W. T. 1-C Boland was still looking for new fields to conquer. The last your editor seen of him, he was still on his feet and going strong.

For your information, Dice is now a free man. He was given an Honorable Discharge on the West Coast and sent home. The old boy soon will be 46 and as most of you know, this was his second hitch. He did a stretch in the last war and volunteered for service the day after Pearl Harbor. And I feel confident that all of you join me in wishing him our best regards for a job well done.

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