Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Visitors - Vol. 1, No. 5, Tuesday, September 19, 1944

This is one item that your editor gets a hell of a big kick out of writing. Every time one of the gang hits the Blue Room, you can see all of us brighten up. It's hard to say which is the happier, we at home or the one who returns. So give us a real thrill -- all of you hurry home.

Well, we have lots to be happy about this time, so we will give you the rundown and hope we don't miss anyone. Lt. Frank Dorr, Frank Feldhues, Harry Geiger, Tom Higgins, Al Kroner, Tony Grassel, Eddie Ford, Joe Murphy, Walter Cooper, Joe Fischer, Loretta Miller, Lt. James Hoctor, and Tommy Trummel.

Joe Pharo and Bud Kessen from the South Pacific. Maybe you think that they weren't happy to be here. Joe came in from New Caledonia to San Francisco by plane, a distance of some 6000 miles, and believe it or not, he met Staff Sgt. Andy McGimsey in the Fiji Islands en route. He stopped in Hawaii and tried to get J. Prinzbach on the phone, but he was told that Doc had made a small move. Hobart Mastin is home to stay. He was shipped out of Arizona to Cincy due to the 38-year age limit. There was one visitor home who did not visit the Blue Room, and that was Cpl. Laverne Leverenz of the Marines. Why, we don't know. Maybe it was Geiger's fault. But the next time, either you call or else.

Ray Kroner is home for 22 days after being wounded in action in the Pacific. Bill Connors also was reported seriously wounded in the European theater.

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