Friday, October 5, 2012

Purely Personal, Vol. 1, No. 2, March 4, 1944

Chris and George Pharo
Photo Credit: Mark Pharo and Bryan Phillips

Don't be surprised if you come back to the Blue Room and find lace curtains in the windows and frills on the furniture. It's a common sight to see more women than men in the place at various times. 

"Ding, ding" and "have your fare ready" or "step to the rear of the car, please" are common phrases in the Blue Room now.Yeah, you guessed it: we have a street car motorman with us now. John Fennessy is a street car operator. Shinzo now greets him with that famous "ding, ding" of his.

Believe me, gang, it is a thrilling sight to see Uncle Bulgey with those eagle eyes of his glued to the rails and both hands at the controls tearing up and down the Avenue. Last Sunday when he left the barn, his first three passengers were Carl and Willie Heing and Jerk Butler, all armed with Sunday passes. A good time was had by all four.

We want him to hold that job till Doc Prinzbach comes home so he can make a few runs with him. I'll bet if Fennessy has the job when Doc comes home, the drug store will go to hell, we'll have two operators instead of one, because Doc won't let Fennessy have anything on him.

Benton suggested that a few of us get on Uncle Bulgey's car with a few limburger sandwiches and some beer and make a few trips, but John doesn't fave the idea. Wimpy Fischer got his preliminary examination for the armed service and passed with flying colors. All he needs is the official nod from Uncle Sam to put down the Mother's Oats and grab a rifle.

Joe Rechtin, Benton and Norb still shake down their herring for the usual 50 or more each week. They try to make it as painless as possible, but I should think after a fish gets caught between 300 pinochle and 150 trump a few times his gills would start to pain a little. Rechtin says he has to keep someone in tow till Wayne Hogan gets back.

Yes, it's still the same old place. Every squirrel in the country that hits Cincy lands in the Blue Room. Last Sunday we had a fellow light in who was an acrobat and a singer combined. He entertained till closing time and then we put him out. He said his home was in Cleveland, Ohio, so we gave him the general direction and told him to go on his way. Good old Blue Room -- never a dull moment.

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