Monday, October 22, 2012

Purely Personal, Vol. 1, No. 3, Sunday, April 23, 1944

Ding Ding Fennessy still roves the streets of our fair city at the controls of the rambling wrecks called street cars. He is now on the prowl for a milk wagon, and when he hits it, I will let you know.

We had an old-fashioned poker game a few Sundays ago and Homer Marksberry slipped in a pinochle deck for the first hand. You can imagine what happened. Bill Pruhs could have won it with an ace full only he had three red aces in his hand. I never saw so much raising in one pot in all my life.The lowest hand was an ace high straight. Andy McGimsey should have been here.

Father Dillon did a swell job of a half hour broadcast over WKRC on Sunday, March 19th.

Doggie Benton moved from 3A to 3AH on Sunday, March 26th. Yeah, the Dog is now 38 (so he says). Ramrod Herking was right, the Dog will be standing in back of that same bar when the music stops and the smoke of battle has cleared away.

The Saturday nights at the Blue Room are not much to write about.They're a lot tamer and less action than of old. We need you birds to inject that old Blue Room spirit into the old place again. All I hope is that I'm in the clear when you "take off" so I don't get trampled in the rich.

Inside Pharo's Cafe
Photo Credit: Mark Pharo via Bryan Phillips

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