Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Father Smith Now Star Gazing; Shinzo Heldup, Vol. 1, No. 7, March 27, 1945

EXTRA! EXTRA! Fenessy went to work again. Don't be alarmed -- he's not on anything movable. He is working for the Cincinnati Post. His job is to melt the used type metal so it can be used again. So far he has succeeded in burning his own neck, but has failed to injure anyone else in the building. Give him time.

By this time, most of you know we are having a horseman holiday. No races anywhere in the good old U.S.A.

Sgt. and Mrs. Jim Robinson (Doll Herking) are the proud parents of a little girl, born Dec. 15th. Incidentally, Sgt. Jim has an A.P.O. number now.

Our first war trophy adorns the Blue Room. Simon sent a Nazi helmet to hang in the place. Benton is trying to keep in shape for the return of the old Ram Rod. How many of you recall the threat that Ram Herking made about giving the old Dog the lift and slam the day he came home. How about that Ram, does that still stand?

We don't have a kitchen in the Blue Room anymore. The back room is now the Dog House or Benton's Benzine Department. The Dog will invite or entice you into his den, and when you come out you're cleaned. Name your own game, choose your own weapons, makes no difference to the Dog. I made a few trips back myself and came out feeling like I made a few round trips in a concrete mixer. I'm still dizzy and broke.

Joe Rechtin stops in as usual and wants to know if Wayne is home on the rotation plan. Rechtin can't understand why Uncle Same don't let his herring out for a short snorter or something. Joe says, "Wayne is my dish."

Joe Pharo is stationed close enough to home to be able to drop in for weekends now and then. Norb Pharo is still taking the usual amount of kidding about his card playing and his age. Joe Usher and Bill Bridges drop in every Sunday afternoon and spread their net to catch poor fish in a poker game. And do they get 'em. The women seem to predominate in numbers now that all of you GI's are away. But just wait, there will come a day.

Father Schmidt is getting so good that he can now give you a complete forecast on your future by just looking at the moon and the stars. If any of you want your horoscope read, just write to Ed Q. Smith c/o the Blue Room. Please enclose your date of birth and $1. If you want the deluxe reading, send $2.

Dixon and Shinzo are the two men pictured on the right.
Photo Credit: Mark Pharo
From the Collection of Mary Pharo Meldon

Shinzo Heing was held up and his paper money taken away from him the other week on his way down Torrence Road. Some 8-ball got him in broad daylight.

Doc Prinzbach said he is going to take a vacation for about three months whenever Jule gets home. Mr. Prinzbach is only working 12 hours a day.

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