Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dick Powell Killed in Action at Peleliu; Buried at Sea, Vol. 1, No.6, Tuesday, December 5, 1944

There isn't much a fellow can say, for our memory goes back to the time when he was a little red-headed, freckled-face kid that everybody knew. We saw him grow up in the neighborhood. We all knew his parents, George and Lucy.

Our memory goes back to the time when he joined the Marines. We remember how word would get to us about him and his outfit. The bravery, courage and the guts. We followed every battle in the local papers, anxiously praying and hoping for him and for every guy from our neighborhood.

Then the word came from the War Department. It was polite, courteous, but brief. It simply stated that "he died from wounds received on Peleliu and was buried at sea."

So, you see it kind of leaves us rather low in spirit. For their isn't much more a fellow can say than "God rest the memory of"

of the

Richard Powell, Age 16, living at 2466 Eastern Ave. in the 1940 Census

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