Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Visitors, Vol. 1, No. 4, Wednesday June 21, 1944

Well, to begin with, Joe Higgins dropped in and I must say he looks good. The Army never took anything away from him but his liberty. He told us he likes the life so far and the only hard part that he has found was breaking up his home. He spent one Sunday night in the Blue Room and if you could have heard him it would have proved to you what I have been trying to tell you since you went away. There were about 8 women, 4 men and an overstuffed bartender in the place, and the women were raising all the hell. Joe said, "It never was like this when the gang was here." So you see I wasn't handing you anything.

Wimpy Fischer was home from his boot training and alas and alack, the Navy hasn't done right by our Wimpy. Not some mornings, but every morning, he had to get up at 5:30 and get the rest of the outfit on its feet. Judging from his talk, the Navy would have been in a hell of a fix if he hadn't got in. But what he wanted to know was who did all these things before he got there? It seemed that everything that went on at the Training Station was "no go" if Wimpy wasn't in on it. It must have been hell.

Al Kroner was home for a weekend before shoving off for San Diego, California,where he will go to school.

Cpl. Helen Schaefer is home for 15 days from Michell Field in Long Island, New York. Tony Grassel is home for 5 days before Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pharo's blessed event. Congratulations, Simon.

Eddie Ford is in town for a few days before going to another school in the AAF.

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