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Victory Gardens Under Water; Byrnes Stops Racing, Vol. 1, No. 7, Tuesday, March 27, 1945

I would like to have been standing right at your side when you tore open the envelope and saw you unfold this sheet and hear you say "It's been a hell of a long time between Belches."

Well, it has. But why it hasn't reached you sooner is all my fault. Benton and Kroner can't get this under way till I get my noggin to work and think up enough nonsense to fill this sheet. So hand the blame on the old Neighbor.

There is no need of me telling you that there won't be such a long delay between this and the next issue for I don't know. Anytime the notion strikes me and I have the time and material to make a new edition, I will.

Today is a holiday as far as the Water Works is concerned. Washington's Birthday and a brutal day it is. The weather is turning much colder, and it is quite windy, so the best place for me is home and the next best thing is this to you.

Photo Credit: River

There is no sense in me going out on a day like this when there is no bang tails to make a wager on. Who knows but that Mr. Byrnes had me in mind when he called a national holiday on all horse racing. Any of you birds who ever made a trip to River Downs or old Latonia with me know that I couldn't pick out Man 'O War out of a bunch of selling platers. Well, I'm still just as good. How some people like Simon and Andy McGimsey could go to the track and come home with the sheckles is beyond me. I remember well one trip I made to Latonia with Andy. When the day was over they didn't have enough money to pay him off so they gave him a few pailings off the fence and a couple of flower pots. You just can't beat some people.

I hear over the grapevine that Andy would give his interest in hell for a few good cigars. Well, we can't have everything. After all we gave Andy to the Air Corps, so what more does our nation expect?

Things along the avenue have been so-so. Many plans are being laid for the coming spring and summer and the anticipated activities in the victory gardens. Right now the river is a little past the 55-ft mark and where it will stop is something else. Our local papers tell us there is considerable snow and ice upstream that still has to pass us. Our garden plots are now situated under quite a bit of water at the present time.

The East End has garden plots honoring all veterans from the East End (2012)
Photo Credit: Bryan Phillips

Say, by the way, we sent all you fellows an invitation to join us in an old-fashioned mulligan served at our gardens with the ingredients taken from our Victory Gardens. Well, where the hell were you? Now as Jimmy Durante would say, "I'll tell you what I'm going to do." Right here and now, I'm going to extend to you that same invitation for this fall. How about it, can we count on you? Can't you birds get together and end this whole mess before winter rolls around? There should be some  of you guys who rate a trip home due to 24 months away, even if you can't end it. But get on the ball. Lets wipe the whole damn bunch of rats off the face of the earth and get back where you belong. If this keeps up, Benton and I are going to enlist and then watch what takes place.

But all joking aside, keep punching gang, and God grant that you all get back safe and sound. We miss every one of you.

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