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Joe Pharo Reports: Vol. 1, No. 6, Tuesday, December 5, 1944

Joe Pharo Reports:

Joe Pharo

Hello, gang. I'll try to tell you a little bit about my trip back to the Old Blue Room. The Old Dog is still waiting.

I got a break for a change and left New Cal by plane. My first stop was the Fiji Islands, where who should I look up and see but old Hotsoup McGimsey. What a site for sore eyes. Andy is still the same, but is having trouble with the cigar shortage. You all should see him puffing on a cigarette. He insisted that I drink a couple of beers with him, so what could I do. 

Before I left he gave me Jule's address and when I arrived in Hawaii, I tried to call him four times, but no soap. Sorry, Jule.

About the Blue Room, I can't find many changes except the absence of a lot of familiar faces. I've had three or four trips across the river this morning, and it was the first time I drank the stuff that Neigh calls water. My pipes were sizzling. I still have a couple of days to go before reporting to Florida for reassignment. 

I made the first trip through the Wright plant in Lockland with Bill Bridges acting as a guide. We walked for five hours with the girls all whistling at us. It sure was an experience. 

That's one thing that isn't short in Cincy, girls! I have to beat them off, so hurry back, I need help. 

I received some mail from quite a few of the boys, but you fellows will have to wait until I get back to camp. I don't intend to waste any time writing. Hope you understand. 

Another thing I didn't have to contend with was Simon when I hit the sack. I better sign off now as I have a little chicken waiting. So long, Joe Pharo or "Ace"

P.S. I'm getting callous from the marble machine again. Doing OK though.

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