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Visitors, Vol.1, No. 1, Monday, January 24, 1944

We were happy to have home some of our friends and neighbors during the holiday season. Helen Schaefer, a member of the WACs, was home in early December and looked like a million, said it was the only life. Loretta Miller, our other member of the WAC's couldn't make it home, so Herb went to her camp to spend a few days with her.

Old "Rose Petal" Andy McGimsey hit town about Dec. 22nd and 23rd, and believe me gang, Sgt. McGimsey let no grass grow under his feet. Then to top it all off, the "Action Man" Harry Geiger showed up. Andy had to leave on the 27th, but Geiger carried on till Jan. 3rd. Marine Private Jimmy "Red" Kroner got in Thursday, Dec.30th. Jim just finished his boot training and was home for ten days. The old red head looks fit as a fiddle. Ray "Inky" Kroner was home from Great Lakes over the holidays. When he returned, he was sent to Shoemaker, California. Bill Conners was supposed to be in but hasn't showed as yet.

Mary Pharo Meldon dressed in uniform belonging to Helen Schaefer (along with Helen Schaefer)
Anthony Grassel was home for a 10 day leave. Mike Sheehy and Bob Hostor were in the Blue Room Sat., January 8th. Mike is in the Army and Bob in the Navy. Al Kroner was inducted in the Navy Jan. 22nd. He spent a week at home here in Cincy from Indianapolis.

Photo Credit: The Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project

Marie Pharo, Todee, Mary Pharo Meldon
From the Collection of Mary Pharo Meldon

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