Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Close of St. Rose Summer Festival - Vol. 1, No.5, Tuesday, December 5, 1944

Photo Credit: History of St. Rose of Lima Church (1867-2002)
The summer festival at St. Rose is now a closed issue.  Everything went off as per schedule even though it rained all day both days. But the thing that will chill you is the fact that regardless of the weather, the returns were the greatest ever made. After all the bills were paid the profit was in excess of $3000; and here I might mention that Geiger had the jump on you birds. He closed the place both nights and often said he sure wished all of you were here with him to give him a hand.

But I will say, he did a hell of a swell job for one man. It seems you just can't beat that old Army training. Oh yes, he was still on his feet at the bell.

The summer season on the river and the work in the victory gardens have just come to a close. The valiant gardeners have reaped their harvest and gobbled their mulligan. The remaining crop was put in three mason jars and stored for the coming winter.

Island Queen
Labor Day rolled by on schedule and the Island Queen slowly drifted down the river on her farewell trip for the summer.

The leaves are turning brown and Fennesy is starting to turn white while Benton turns green with envy. The ski's have been taken down and waxed and the Dob has bought some heavy clothes in anticipation of what's to come. Miles Eagan seems to have more fuzz on his head than usual.

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