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First Edition of the New Year, Vol. 1, No. 1, Monday, January 24, 1944

New Years 1944
Photo Credit:  Stars and Stripes

Howdy gang -- and we're off. This, my good friends, is the first edition of the Blue Room Belch. How all this came about, and will continue, is another thing.

No doubt most of you know that Bill Kroner was forced to leave the Air Corps due to that shoulder of his. Much to Bill's regret, he was given a C.D.D. Section 2 (Certificate of Determination of Disability) and sent home.  Well, being the man that he is, his first thoughts were of those who didn't get to come home. The importance of mail to those in the service must mean more than the "stay at homes" realize.  So Bill hit upon the idea of a local publication that would deal with news that might have some interest to our gang in service.

Bill will look after the printing of this sheet, but like all GOOD publications, it takes more than just printing.  So he contacted Frank "Dog" Benton and asked him to act as Circulation Manager. In other words, the "Old Dog" was to see that everyone in our gang that he could reach would get a paper.  Well, you know the "Dog," the answer was "SURE."

Then making up the sheet and getting hold of local news or nonsense was something else.  So yours truly "Neighbor" was asked to make up the first sheet. Whether I ever get the chance to make up another one is a horse of a different complexion.  I'm afraid that when the return mail starts hitting the Blue Room, I'll look like Ned in the third reader. But I have one consolation, and that is: you can't head me off on this one, but "oh my" look out for the next.  If your next Editor happens to be "Cocky" Sellers, I hope you will understand.

And now about mailing this to you, get this straight, "THIS PAPER IS NOT FOR SALE." The cost of postage will be taken care of by the good patrons of the old Blue Room.  So please don't embarrass us by sending us anything other than your candid opinion of our efforts.  Our only hope is that somewhere among this nonsense you may find something that holds a little interest to you.  Should you care to write to us, just address your mail to anyone of the three of us, Frank Benton, William Kroner, or Lou Guntzelman and make it 2470 Eastern Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.


  1. Kathy

    You've done it again

    Love this blog, They truly are the greatest generation.


    1. Thanks, Gail. I always appreciate the support.