Friday, September 28, 2012

New Year's Party Attended by Blue Room Patrons, Vol. 1, No. 1, January 24,1944

There wasn't much along these lines until New Year's Eve, then all hell broke loose.The action took place at the home of Mary Ellen Butler and from all the talk the following day there was nothing left for the imagination. It was a Blue Room party supreme. Your writer had an invitation, but due to personal reasons did not attend.

After looking over the ones that did attend on New Years Day, I wondered. Many cases of sinus trouble showed up, sore throats, lost voices and numerous other ailments brought on by anything but drinks.

Every good member of the Blue Room KNOWS that drink hurts no one. It's those other ailments that always crop up after an evening of pleasure.  Any of you birds that have made the rounds know that. You also know that there is only one cure for those ailments, too.Go back and get a little hair off the dog that bit you. That's just what they did. All activities started all over one night at Butler's. If you can remember the words of a certain Christmas song you can call to mind the following line, "All is calm, all is quiet." That, my good friends, was the Blue Room on Sunday, January 2nd.

The few that were there were shot with service.  "And I heard them exclaim as they drove out of sight, Happy New Year to all -- and I'll see you on Decoration Day."

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