Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The East End Community

We need to acknowledge the contribution of Mary Pharo Meldon in making this project possible. Not only had she saved copies of The Blue Room Belch, but she had preserved pictures of many of those mentioned in the paper. Some of her pictures, although not directly related to the stories in The Belch, were just too precious not to include. Enjoy.

In no particular order --Edgar Pharo, Arthur Pharo, Stanley Pharo, Matt McMorrow (piano player), Emma Pharo McMorrow, Stanley Pharo, and Aloysius Pharo

Following the 1937 Flood. Ray Pharo is the tall man pictured next to the "Boil This Water" sign.

The predecessor to Pharo's Cafe -- Chris Pharo's Place. Note the water trough in the foreground for the horses.

Scene from Pharo's Cafe.

Les Meldon and Ray Pharo
Mary Pharo Meldon and Les Meldon

Doc Prinzbach's Drug Store after Car Crashed into Store Front

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